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"Canada Mandala" woven heirloom blanket


Shipping is included in Canada. Please allow 10-15 business days for delivery in Canada/USA, 4-6 weeks for international orders


Supporting Farms and Families (And artists!) ~ Grown and Woven in the USA! ~Soft & Cozy ~  Environmentally conscious, 100% cotton  - including 60% Recycled Cotton! Each blanket measures 6ft 5" x 4ft 3"


Dedicated to maintaining the integrity of my Original Art, these blankets are woven using the same process invented by Joseph-Marie Jacquard in 1804. This style of Jacquard weaving creates beautiful heirloom blankets with striking blends of color and fine detail. The natural variations in all textiles means that no two throws are quite the same. Even today, using modern weaving techniques, each Art Blanket is a unique piece slightly distinct from all others. 

"CANADA MANDALA" Woven Heirloom Blanket

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89,00$Prix promotionnel
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