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About Me & My Art

I developed my Mandala art style doodling on post-it notes while I worked in different call centers for almost 17 years. Eventually in October 2011 I tried painting one - and I loved it! So I kept on painting. As I painted more, I began to feel that painting was my true calling. I used to get drunk almost every day. My passion for art led me to leave alcohol behind and develop a new way to live. I haven't had a drink since April, 2012. 

All my Mandalas start with a dot in the middle, the "Nexus" point, but after that, the possibilities are Infinite! I do all my work 100% freehand. I never trace, use a ruler, geometry tools, projectors or grids. All the different colors. shapes and details can be seen to represent different circumstances that happen to people. Different experiences produce different results, but each person is uniquely beautiful and has their own "dot" of light at the center.


For me this style of work is about the dedication and perseverance it takes to manifest amazing things. There's a system to creating one. First I create a pattern. Then add color. Then add contrast by going over the outline again. Then add dots and details. 

"Waking Life"- 30 x30 inches, acrylic paint on canvas - 2015


In 2016 I started to create art in a new style. This more abstract style of my art is inspired by being a kid in the 80's. Bright funky designs were popular in 80's fashion and design. I find inspiration in things like side scrolling video games, Vuarnet shirts, Swatch watches and Lisa Frank school supplies. I try to approach each piece as if I'm creating a level for a video game. Each level is different, but also clearly from the same game.

For me this style of work is more about being playful and just having fun. There's less structure and more chance to "play" throughout the process. With this style, I'm getting to add new features right up to the end, instead of the Mandalas, where after the pattern is created, I mostly "enhance" the existing pattern with details. 

"Acid Raindrop" - 16x 20 inches, acrylic paint on canvas. - 2016

On Black BG2.jpg

In late 2020, I started to create a line of hand painted jewelry. I create pieces in both my Mandala and abstract styles. I started with pendants, and I had a ton of fun with them! Within a few months I was also creating earrings, brooch pins and rings for your fingers. I find it a fun challenge to stay true to my styles at the smaller scale needed for jewelry.


Some of my hand painted pendants and earrings - 2020/2021

pjimage (12).jpg

People often ask me which of my paintings is my favorite. The honest answer is, it's always the one I most recently finished. The one that's fresh, and that I've hardly had a chance to look at yet. It doesn't matter to me if it was a small pendant or a ring, a sculpture or a carving, or a large canvas. That feeling I get when I see a piece all done for the first time is what motivates me to start the next one! I hope it motivates you to want to see what I create next too. Thanks for stopping by and getting to know a little more about what I do and why I do it. -Adam Millward

Painting in my studio

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