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Collectors Item T-shirt - I thought to myself that in this picture my friend, fellow artist GermDee, sorta looked like Jesus. His style involves bootlegging cultural and religious icons and corporate logos and slogans. He calls them Bootleg Comics or Bootleg T-shirts etc... So my thought train evolved into thinking he's like some sort of "Bootleg Jesus" - but instead of turning water into wine, he's turning Mickey Mouse into Bart Simpson. In this picture the light from his phone even makes it look like he's holding some sort of Divine Healing Magic in his hands. Then I started to laugh to myself as a light went off in my own head: I was gonna make the ultimate bootleg t-shirt - by bootlegging the actual bootlegger himself! So - I did!


Price includes shipping in Canada, worldwide shipping is available upon checkout. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery in USA/Canada, 2-6 weeks for international orders.



"Bootleg Jesus" T-Shirt

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